Nick J.
Max R.

Humans have affected the lake biome in many differnent ways good and bad. We have dumped waste and chemicals into lakes, brought animals that hurt the lake biome, such as zebra mussels into lakes, and much more. But not everything humans do hurts the lake biome some things are good like when people clean beachs from natural but harmful things, or when peole set out to restore a habitat in the lake biome. Peole have a lot of effect on what goes on with lakes so it is critical that humans minimize the bad and maximize the good things we do for lakes.

Humans need to help lakes decrease the the lamprey population because, the lamprey population is growing and they are killing off many fish. This could destory the food chaine in many lakes spesificaly the great lakes. As you may have guesed destroying the food chaine would also destroy the lake ecostystem. The same goes for zebra mussels.These are major problems that humans need to get involed in and help lakes.

Humans need to come up with some possible solutions for some of these problems. There are many solutions some are right but some do not work as well as others. One of the solutions for these problems are to be more careful with what we dump and accidentaly pick up from the oceans. One other solution is to find the predators of the Lampreys and Zebra Mussles. These are just some of the many solutions to the problems in the Lakes.

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