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The Grasslands.zebra.gif
One example of a grassland

The grasslands are common in every continent except Antarctica, from Argentina's Pampas to Russia and Asia's steppes. Most are in the middle latitudes, in the interiors of the continents.
Map of grassland locations
Map of grassland locations
The climate in the grasslands is warm and dry, sometimes cold . There is between 26 and 75 cm of rainfall every year, perhaps around 12 cm per season. The grasslands have very hot summers, and cold winters. There is more precipitation in the summer time than there is in the winter, and the temperature is a lot warmer in the summer than in the winter. In the winter there are temperature of -40 degrees Celsius, while summer temperatures are about 38 degrees Celsius.
The temperature control is heating of land and the climate control is latitude. The heating of land is when land heats quickly and land cools down quickly.
Most Grasslands have two seasons: Growing season, (where the temperature is right for growing) and dormant season, (too cold for growing plants). There are a few differences between various grasslands. Tropical and sub-tropical grasslands tend to receive more rain than temperate grasslands.

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