David B
Lauren M

Grasslands Conservation
The Grasslands have been affected in many ways, mostly from humans. Humans make impacts here that are both good and bad. For instance, a good thing done by humans to the grasslands is the expanding of them. Some people have cut down or burned trees and therefore make the land bare- a grassland. It may not be as good for the environment, but it definitely helps in the expanding of this biome. However, humans do not always have such a helpful impact on the grasslands, or it's animals. Many animals are becoming endangered due to hunting in these parts: Such as the African black rhino or the Pronghorn antelope. But the one of the most common human impact that endangers the grasslands is fire spread by humans onto the grass. Many grasslands are destroyed completely by these fires and may become rare.
Not all fires in the grasslands are caused by humans. Some are caused by lightning striking some of the very few trees. Fire itself is a huge threat to grasslands. Along with this are two other man-made problems: Global Warming and Urbanization. Urbanization means eliminating the area's previous communities and turning it into a city. As for Global Warming, the rise of temperatures will lower the amount of rainfall: Therefore making agriculture less likely here and making the grasslands more of a desert than anything else.
The conservation of grasslands is very important to us because it is necessary for the raising of livestock as meat and the growth of plants and crops. People have taken many steps to proserve these important areas so there is less a chance of a man-made fire or urbanization. National Parks around the world contain areas of grasslands. However, this does not solve the problem of Global Warming. To stop this threat, we must all learn to recycle, and stop pollution and the removal of different forests around the world in order to protect this important biome.

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