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Criss A.
Welcome to the Desert Conservation Page!

Some of the influences humans have on the desert biome are bad, while some are good. A good influence is how we've built research centers, greenhouses, and veterinary clinics to help preserve the scarce plant and animal life. When we know what they need to survive, we can better protect them. Something bad we've done is clearing what vegetation there is from some parts of deserts all over the world. There is very little plant life in deserts to begin with. We're only making it worse by uprooting what little vegetation they have. But not many people want to live in deserts, so we've made a very small impact on this dry enviroment.

These are some of the problems in the desert. One of the problems is that people are selling cacti for money. The second problem is when the people drive off the road with 4-wheelers, and create 100--1,000 feet deep holes.

There are solutions to these problems, though. If we stop selling cacti for money, or at least not as much, then the spiky plant won't have as big a chance at becoming extinct. As for the second problem, we shouldn't pave more roads, so much as use less destructive vehicles. And in deserts in Africa, you could even travel by camel, the way local people do. There are plenty of ways to help conserve the desert environment.

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